Ralph Lauren Suede Paint Substitute

Looking for Ralph Lauren's Suede Paint?

We have a brand new line of suede paint coming out in August of 2021. If you would like to be notified when this new product is available, please text us at 385-429-5979

In the fall of 2016 PPG Industries (Owner of the Ralph Lauren paint line) decided to discontinue all of the Ralph Lauren labeled paint products including their popular suede finish.

Below is a list of Ralph Lauren's suede colors. We will be able to match these colors and colors from Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams.

Adobe (SU124)
Adobe (SU91)
Almond Willow (SU120)
Almond Willow (SU77)
Angel Fire (SU88)
Arrow Wood (SU81)
Ayers Rock (SU119)
Ayers Rock (SU72)
Aztec (SU87)
Bleached Mesquite (SU141)
Blue Agave (SU56)
Camino (SU105)
Camino (SU86)
Caminos Grey (SU61)
Canyon Road (SU118)
Canyon Road (SU74)
Clay Red (SU110)
Clay Red (SU93)
Cliff Rose (SU139)
Cordova Cream (SU59)
Cristo (SU52)
Desert Broom (SU142)
Desert Cactus (SU101)
Desert Cactus (SU54)
Desert Plateau (SU137)
Desert Plateau (SU79)
Diego (SU62)
Durango (SU103)
Durango (SU68)
Faded Juniper (SU102)
Falling Water (SU128)
Fawn's Leap (SU78)
Ghost Ranch (SU129)
Glenwood Green (SU130)
Glenwood Green (SU69)
High Desert (SU138)
High Desert (SU92)
Mochernut (SU136)
Mochernut (SU80)
Muddy Creek (SU106)
Paloverde (SU104)
Pioneer's Mesa (SU123)
Pioneer's Mesa (SU82)
Plaza Blanca (SU51)
Plaza Green (SU115)
Plaza Green (SU53)
Ranchitos Red (SU111)
Ranchitos Red (SU94)
Rancho (SU121)
Rancho (SU85)
Red Gulch (SU125)
Red River (SU126)
Red River (SU64)
Round Mountain (SU131)
Rowan Berry (SU90)
Sandoval (SU73)
Sandy Bank (SU122)
Santa Fe Sunset (SU89)
Santa Rose (SU140)
Santa Rose (SU63)
Sante Fe Sunset (SU112)
Silver City (SU60)
Snowdrift (SU134)
Snowdrift (SU75)
Spitfire (SU132)
Spitfire (SU76)
Tamaya Green (SU67)
Tamayo Green (SU117)
Taos (SU113)
Taos (SU66)
Topez (SU135)
Topez (SU83)
Touching Stone (SU133)
Touching Stone (SU71)
Twisted Pinyon (SU108)
Valencia Violet (SU127)
Valencia Violet (SU65)
Ventana (SU58)
Vera Cruz (SU55)
Verde Plaza (SU116)
Verde Plaza (SU70)
Vista Blue (SU114)
Vista Blue (SU57)
Yellowstone (SU107)
Yellowstone (SU84)
Zuni Basin (SU109)