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Everything you need to transform your laminate countertop to granite is in this kit!

3 Step Process

1. Prime the countertop using the roller and primer provided.

2. Apply the mineral colors with a sponge in the order that they are numbered.

3. Roll on two coats the automotive grade clear coat provided in the kit.

Colors Available:

Sicilian SandBombay BlackEmerald GreenSicilian Sand with ChocolateBlue SapphireRoma Red


Unique blend of polymers and minerals create a countertop that locks out moisture while showing off the beauty of Sicilian granite of southern Italy!
Great for upgrading Formica®, laminate, Corian, ceramic tile, butcher block, cultured marble and traditional granite countertops and vanities
Covers 35 square feet or 16 running feet of standard 24" wide counters
Quick, fun and easy 'paint-by-number' process for beginning painters
Project time - 4 hours of painting and 16 hours of drying
Water-based safe and low odor
Hides any existing stains, scratches or burns
Granite color is adjustable to your decor

Durable automotive-grade clear topcoat

Each Kit Includes The Following

12 Oz. of IronCore Primer / Base Coat
6 Oz. of 1st Mineral Color (color varies depending on kit purchased)
6 Oz. of 2nd Mineral Color
6 Oz. of 3rd Mineral Color
16 Oz. of Automotive Clear Topcoat
6" Giani roller frame and 2 roller covers
4" Giani granite paint sponge
2" Foam Brush
Black Practice Poster Board
'Paint-by-Number' DVD for beginners
Illustrated Instructions

Did you know?
  • That all of the products you need to do this project are included in the kit.
  • Giani Granite paint is easier than granite to keep clean. Traditional granite is porous and can absorb food and liquid. Giani's clear topcoat locks out moisture to keep your counters looking cleaner, longer.
  • You can use this product on more than just counters. Try it on bathroom vanities, cabinets, ceramic tile, clay flower pots, pillars, brick, picture frames and many other projects.
  • The topcoat is an exterior, automotive grade clear. That means you can also use this for exterior projects such as furniture, bird houses, etc.
  • You can vary the color of any of the kits. Apply more or less of any colors in the kits to get a different look. You can also purchase additional sponging colors to create your own look.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if for any reason you are not satisfied with this product, send it back to us and receive a full refund of the product price (shipping not included).